Hospital Accompaniment

Hospital Accompaniment in Tulsa, OK

It’s never easy having a loved one in a hospital. It is even harder not being able to be there with them and knowing that they are alone. 1ST Aid Home Healthcare has a mission to be there for your loved one when you can’t in a fully professional manner.

Even if your loved one is staying in a hospital for a short period of time you want to have peace of mind knowing that someone is with them. 1ST Aid Home Healthcare can do this for you. Not only that. Our caregivers can respond to your call in one hour’s time.

Our caregivers are more than willing to serve your loved ones and provide them with care, affection, and dedication. They can do this both by day and night depending on your obligations.

Having a loved one in a hospital won’t make your obligations go away. While you are absent from hospital due to work or some other responsibility, 1ST Aid Home Healthcare team is ready to step in for you and be beside your loved one.

1ST Aid Home Healthcare Hospital Accompaniment

Upon hiring our caregiver you will be in constant contact with them via mobile phone. This is to ensure that your loved one can get the best care while you are absent and to make changes in real-time if needed.

While you are not present, caregiver assigned by 1ST Aid Home Healthcare to your loved one, will be at their service to:

  • Change a room in a hospital
  • Help them with meals
  • Control their hygiene
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Playing games
  • Wake them up, and put them to sleep
  • Helping them out of the abed
  • Taking them for a walk
  • Reading them books or newspapers

In case your loved one has special needs, the caregiver will be assigned bases on what they are.


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